LyDia 32 make-up set

HI, finally tried enough brushes to give a review on them. Here This is a link to them, so you can look at them,and even see more people’s review on them.
All the brushes are sooo soft and come in plastic cases to protect them. Honestly i can’t fault them. 32 make-up brushes for £8.99? thats a steal.  Only thing i can say bad about this product is the bag it comes in, it’s a wee tacky;still nice though.
( Sorry this isn’t really super indepth, i would just be saying the same thing over again)


Hello Again

Hello o/ long time no post. Im plan on doing a post about some (lol some) makeup brushes i got from amazon. I got 32 for £8.99,which is a bargain like seriously….I’m planning to do a review on them soon, as i haven’t used all of the them yet, it’s not going to be a good review. To watch out 😀

W7 – In the nude Pallette

I honestly don’t have much to say about this pallette. It’s a dupe for The urban decay naked pallette.
The pallette is a good pallette, I got £4.99 at B&M bargains. The lighter shades don’t have that much pigmentation to it, and it quite hard to get the colour to show up, but the darker colours are very pigmented. All eyeshadows are easy to blend and work with.
If you don’t want to pay urban decay prices, then this is a good palette. On the  W7 website,this pallette is £9.95.

BH Cosmetics – Wild and Alluring

Finally I shall be writing my review on the BH cosmetics wild and alluring pallete. I will be talking about each colour invdividually. I will be going from top left to going along the rows. I will do the blush and bronzer last. All the colour are very pigmented and easy to blend,very shimmery. You can make some GREAT looks from this pallette.
The First  eyeshadow i will be reviewing is the top left one. In my pallette is looking like a cherry pink and purple, with greeny gold marble going through it, so i was expecting when it went onto my lid, it would be quite pinky purple . It didn’t; it was more of a copper gold, still a very nice colour but not what I wanted or expected at all; and for that reason i’m disappointed with this eyeshadow. I know the offical picture of the pallette, it does show a more copper look to this eyeshadow, so maybe it my fault somewhere down the line, I could have no cleaned my eyeshadow brushes properly. I still like this eyeshadow just not what i was expecting.
The 2nd eyeshadow will be the middle one on the top row. Eactly what I expected, remind me of one of my favourite eyeshadows from another bh cosmetics pallette. It’s very shimmery too.
The last one on this row is a darker copper colour,shimmery aswell. Exactly as expected as well. Though not really my type of colour, You could use it lightly and get that light golden effect or use it really heavly  and create depth.
Now on to the 2nd row, middle left – the yellow eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is great, exactly what i was expecting. It’s like a yellow golden colour beauitful and with the orange and green marble effect in the eyeshadow, you can get some very interesting looks with this.
Middle row – middle eyeshadow. This one isn’t quite what i was exacting either. It looks to me, a sort of rose pink colour with red and gold marble effect, but one my lid, it comes off as a more copper pink. Could be the marble effect that makes that happen. I still like the colour and it goes nicely with the first eyeshadow in this pallette as this is a more lighter copper colour.
Middle row – last eyeshadow. Ohhhh this colour is amazing. just yasssss. Whats more to love than a shimmery green turoquiose colour?  I love this colour, exactly what you see you get, the yellowish marble effect helps give it that extra something. Best colour in the pallette for me.
Last Row,bottom left.This colour is a very dark golden copper like colour with white and green marble effect. I don’t really have much to say bout this one. You could,if you want use this instead of glitter in my opinion. It’s a lovely colour and shimmery/glittery.
Last Row, Middle. This colour is more of a grass green with yellow marble effect. It’s an alright one, I would probably use this colour is I wanted some coloured shimmery. Though I’m ure you could get quite nice looks with this colour.
Last row,Bottom right.  This eyeshadow is a dark golden brown with turoquiose marble effect, very nice colour. Bold but a darker colour like this is not really my style. You could use it to create a smoky brown eye or to give depth or even a cut crease.
Now to the blusher and bronzer, as far as I know, they are eye safe as I did use the blush on my lids,and i was fine. Beauitful pigmented colours. The blush is a dark rose pink, lovely colour and blends well, could also bew used with eyesahdows as well. The bronzer is a light golden brown, could be used with the other copper and golden brown colours.
Overall I think the pallette is interesting. I’m happy with some colours,as they are exactly as I thought they would be and you get what you see, were as others,not so much; but I suppose the marble effect has something to do with that.
On the BH cosmetics website this pallette is going for $12.00 ( £9.00)as there is a sale on at the moment( 33% off), normally it is $18.00 (£13.64). Shipping to the Uk cost me $6.91  (£5.24). All in all this pallette cost me $18.91 (£14.33).  Do i think it was worth it? I’m still on the fence about that. I don’t know what i feel about this pallette, and I will just leave it as “interesting”. If you are un sure,go read some review on the BH website.

Natural Collection

I think this is boots owned brand, for all there items being £1.99 it’s honestly a great cosmetics line. I have tried powder founation by them, which honestly wasn’t good for me; powder fundation in general though, doesn’t seen to work for me.On the other hand  the eyeshadows and lipgloss by them have been great. I’ll review the eyeshadows first then the lipgloss.
I only have two eyeshadows by them  White Opal and Candy Floss . Both of thesde colours are pigmented, you don’t need alot fo them on your brush to get the colour to show. Easy to blend. I always use these two colours together,makes a glittery pink eye and it’s beautiful.
Now onto the Lipglos. I have Rasberry Ripple, it’s a very light pink gloss. It doesn’t dry out your lips ( and if you are someone who has a dry lips like me, this is a big plus) The colour will only fade or come off if you eat or drink something.
All in all i only have good things to say about this brand so far, all the products are £1.99,so you can’t agrue with that.  for more natural collection products 🙂

( none of the pictures i’ve used are mine,if the pictures are yours and wish me to take them down please message me)